Doug Pensinger Photography Fund

January 11, 2017
We are proud to announce that the Doug Pensinger Photography Fund has received a $1 million grant from the William and Sue Gross Family Foundation in support of its mission to identify, foster, and celebrate photographers of exceptional promise.

Established in memory of the noted photojournalist, the Doug Pensinger Photography Fund seeks to support aspiring photojournalists through fellowships and grant support. With the help of Getty Images, the fund also plans to provide a visible platform for the work of these budding talents.

Doug Pensinger was an influential photojournalist for Getty Images’ sports division. As a freelancer, Doug traveled the globe on assignment for some of the biggest names in journalism, such as The Washington Post, the Associated Press, TIME magazine, and Sports Illustrated, before landing at Getty. During his early career, he covered breaking news, including the Gulf War, the US invasion of Panama, and the distribution of humanitarian aid in Somalia—stories that helped to develop his keen editorial instincts—but he was most known for his incredible sports photography.

Whether he was covering high-profile competitions–like the Tour de France, the World Series, the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl–or more niche sporting events, Doug brought a human touch and his tremendous storytelling skills to the images he captured. Despite his considerable talent and accomplishments, he worked tirelessly to improve his artistry and craft, and he took an active interest in advising and mentoring young photographers. The fund was created to continue these efforts on his behalf.

If you could like to donate to the Doug Pensinger Photography Fund, please contact Bettyann.